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The 1st Scanner in the World of Stone

Mapascan is the first and most powerful solution able to scan stone slabs automatically from the line of production.

The system allows you to develop an accurate electronic slab inventory, perfectly integrated with web applications or any existing inventory software, using the high definition and high resolution photo.

Mapascan, adopted by small and big stone companies, can be used by the operator or in full automation linked to barcode or Rfid systems.



Many years of studies and investements, started in 2003, guarantee the best result possibile as of today.

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Every single component of Mapascan has been designed and created specifically for the stone business like the slab thickness sensor.

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Touch screen

The high quality of all components, like the touch screen, and the careful choice of every detail make Mapascan the perfect high tech solution.

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Camera Lens

Mapascan is equipped with an optical acquiring device sophisticated and high-definition, unique in the world.

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News Mapascan at Marmomacc 2018 - Verona - Italy September 24, 2018:

Mapastone is going to show at the Marmomacc 2018 in Verona, from the 26th to the 29th of September. You can discover the incredible software solutions of the Mapascan, the 1st Scanner in the World of Stone, and all the news of 2018. Attention: new location at Hall 2 – Stand D4

Banner MarmoMacc2017 -FeaturedImage 579x280 copia Mapascan at MarmoMacc - Verona 2017 September 14, 2017:

Mapastone will be present at the Verona Fair from the 27th to the 30th of September. You will discover the incredible efficiency of the Mapascan, the 1st Scanner in the World of Stone, and all the recent innovations to bring your stone to the future. You’ll find us at OutdoorArea C – Stand 5

Total Integration


Total integration with Rfid system

Mapascan is integrated with any tracking system for the inventory management, as barcode or Rfid. In this way the Mapascan management is totally automated.

The Simplicity of Connectivity

Every scan session produces a batch of images and meta-datas, the measurements and the vectorial outline. These informations ca be directly sent to any existing ERP system, your website, your private cloud or read by any device on your LAN.

Customer care

Customer care and software updates are guaranteed in the fastest and secure way through remote access. Our specialized IT Engineers are able to access to any Mapascan installation and complete the maintenance jobs without interrupting the slab production process. In the rare case of a hardware failure, Mapastone can guarantee the supply of any spare part.
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